Advanced Bleeding Control

A person who is suffering from a major bleeding out trauma injury, can bleed out in less than 3 min. Our Advanced Bleeding Control Kits are designed to assist you to stop the bleeding of a major artery or bleeding out injury.  You can not find our individually packed kits anywhere but at K Safety.  

We interviewed Special Forces Medics, Navy Seal Medics, First Responders, SWAT Medics and many other military and Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Professionals to develope the contents that we pack in each and every one of our kits.  You can not find any other type of Bleeding Control Kit of its kind anywhere online, big box stores or any outdoor sporting stores.  We take life saving serious and only offer high quality products in our kits. 

We also make our kits to where you can reorder products as you need instead of having to purchase a whole new kit. 

Kit Packs Avliabe in Red – 56525-R  Black 56525-B Orange 56525-O 

Each Kit Pack Contains the following items: 

56520- Advanced Bleeding Control Tourniquet 1 ea.
56521- Chest Seal, Occlusive Adhesive Dressing 2 ea.
56522- Trauma Shears 1 ea
56523- Sani-Hand Wipes 1pk of 3 ea.
56524- Compress Dressing 3″ 2 per box
56525-Black/Red/OrangeMolle Bleeding Control Bag, 6.5” x 3” x8” 1ea.   
56526- Mini Permanent Markers Black 1ea.
56527- Medpride Paper Surgical Tape, 1″ x 10 Yds 1ea. 
56528- SEAMAGIC LED Penlight 1ea.
56529- 4oz Eyesalien Buffered Isotone Wound Flush/eyewash 1ea.
56530- 5mil Black Nitrile Gloves 2 pair per kit
56531- High Pressure Compress Bandage 4″  (Israeli Type) 1ea.
56532- Mylar Thermal Blanket 1ea.
56533- QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze 1ea.
56534- 3″ X 3″ GAUZE PAD 3 PER PACK
56535- Roller Gauze 4 ” X 5 ” Non – Sterile 2 ea.