We are committed to serving you with all your first aid and safety equipment needs. Now is a great time to have your first aid cabinets audited for compliance and restocked for any unforeseen minor first aid issues that may occur.

As we are all challenged through this Covid-19 Pandemic and Supply Chain Shortages we at K Safety are ready for all challenges our customers have for us. 

“We are your problem solvers.”

Kerry Gunter 2020

First Aid and Emergency care needs

Have us customize your location with ANSI/OSHA Approved First Aid Cabinets, Automated Defibrillators, Emergency Oxygen, Advanced Bleeding Control, and Blood Borne Pathogen kits.

Protective Wear

We Can Meet and Supply all of your PPE and Protective wear, High vis clothing, Disposable Glove, Protective gloves, Safety Glasses, Cut Gloves, Climbing Helmets, Hard Hats, Hearing Protection, and much more. We can supply it all.

First Aid

We conduct free regular scheduled onsite visits, to replace used items, Check for expirations of products, and Clean and Organize your first aid cabinets for a more effective way to access the products you need immediately. 


We Provide Onsite CPR, First Aid, and AED Training through (AHSI Medic6 program) and AHA. Our Instructors are all certified in BLS, Bleeding Control, Blood Borne Pathogens,

We understand getting employees training and scheduling is a task on its own. Because of that, we focus our schedule on yours. So if it’s 5 AM or 11 PM, you need to start a class, we will be there, ready to go! 

We offer Blood borne Pathogen, Forklift, Respiratory Class and Fit Testing, and more.

Emergency Supplies

We Supply and Maintain all Models of AED’s.

We understand that all AED’s are different in color, size, shape, and functions, but they all work the same by delivering a shock to the heart when needed.

AED’s are a class 3 medical device, and some states require some sort of monthly monitoring and care. Do not worry. We got you covered with our Medical Direction program.  

From AED’s, Emergency Medical Oxygen, and First Responder Bags, we got them ready to go for you when you need them.

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