What does a Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test Detect?

Rapid – Antigen test are designed to detect specific proteins on the surface of the virus. Samples are typically collected with a nasal or throat swab, or saliva collected by spitting into a tube. Throat and Saliva test are currently only conducted in medical facilities, labs and medical clinics and can be very expensive. The rapid tantigen OTC test are more affordable and are easier to access. 

Be cautious on which OTC brand of test you purchase, make sure the test has a high effactive (accuracy) precentage. Many of the OTC test are questionable in thier accuracy.  refer to the manufactures Website for additional testing litature/and indication use, Effactive precentage rates. When ever possible refer to fda.org for more info on brands and possible recalled brands of Antigen test. 

Are OTC or POC Covid-19 Antigen test FDA approved?

No FDA has currently not approved any Covid-19 Antigen test for use in the United States,  The FDA has on apporved certain Manufactures or Brands for (EUA) Emergency Use Authorsiation  in the United States.  If you come across a brand of test that is marketed as FDA Approved then its probably not accurate and report it immediately to the FDA @ fda.org

Can I use an OTC Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test on my children?

Depends on the manufacture and brand, the majority of the rapid test should not be used on children under 2yrs of age, alwyas check the manufactures website for age specifics and accuracy before using.

How long is my Covid-19 raoid Antigen test good for?

Each test is a one time use only.  determining the manufacture and brand of test, the test may have an expiration date of 6 mos or less from date of manufacture, a more quality type of test will have and expiration date of 2 yrs from date of manufacture.  DO NOT EVER USE an EXPIRED Covid-19 RAPID ANTIGEN TEST.  chack manufactures website for possible side effects or warnings.

What is a POC Rapid Antigen Test?

A POC test comes in a bx of 25 or more testing kits, These test are generally used in Medical facilities, Heath Clinics, Clinical Labs.  Special certifiactions and restrictions may be required based on your states rules and laws if you plan to do public health Covid-19 Rapid Testing site. Always check with your local health dept. for more info.

Whats is an OTC Co testvid-19 rapid Antigen Test?

An OTC Covid-19 Rapid Antigen test, are certain packaged in 1 (one)  or 2 (two) test per packaging. They are an easier,faster and economical way to determine if you have tested positive for the Covid-19 Virus, They should only be used as a baseline to determine if your positive for the Covid-19 virus. When ever you test positive follow any and all local, county state health rules governing you and your area.  Notify your health care professional, of your current current positive result and seek medical attention immediately.

Disclamier K Safety Inc. is not responsible for Positive, Negative or False Positive or False Neg results.
Test we offer are of the highest quality  rapid antigen test made avalible for FDA Emergency Use (EU) in the USA. Test provided are not  FDA approved or tested by the FDA,  Current Covid-19 Rapid Antigen test we offer are designed to ionly inform user if they may or may not currently have Covid-19 or any of its variants. Seek professional medical advice/treatment immediately if you have any positive results. or are in need medical services.