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Powerheart G5 AED Features

Semi- or Fully Automatic Shock Delivery

This device comes in both automatic and semi-automatic versions. The semi-automatic version directs you to administer a shock only when such action is determined to be safe and beneficial, so there’s never any guesswork on your part.

The automatic version takes ease of use to the next level. If you’re required to respond to a cardiac emergency, you never have to make the difficult decision to deliver an electrical shock to the patient. The Cardiac Science G5 AED assesses the patient’s heart rhythm and delivers shocks automatically as needed.

Variable Escalating Energy

Not all patients require the same treatment. The G5 optimizes the level of energy based on the patient’s heart response, thus ensuring the highest likelihood of a positive outcome. If multiple shocks are required, the defibrillator delivers them quickly and with increasing amounts of energy as needed.

Dual-Language Capabilities

At the touch of a button, you can toggle between English and a second pre-programmed language. The voice instructions immediately switch over, ensuring that there’s no delay in emergency procedures.

AED Leader is an authorized Cardiac Science distributor. Order your Powerheart G5, and get the guaranteed lowest price on one of the most powerful automated external defibrillators.

What’s Included with the Cardiac Science G5: 1 ea. New Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED, 1 ea. Carry Case, 8-Year Warranty, User Manual, Pads & Battery

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