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Item# 8000-004000-02-1

ZOLL AED 3 Overview

The ZOLL AED 3 is designed to handle the toughest environments for professional rescuers, but is also gentle enough for the lay rescuer. It provides a high resolution LCD display, instant feedback on rate and depth of CPR chest compressions with both visual and optional audible cues, resistance to dust, high pressure, and direct water spray, and is available in the semi-automatic or fully-automatic + manual override configurations.

This is the newest ZOLL AED model that won the Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year award and the 5 Star Winner of the World of Safety & Health Award in 2020.

Key Features of ZOLL AED 3


Enhanced Real CPR Help – ZOLL’s Real CPR Help technology helps rescuers provide optimal life-saving resuscitation. This defibrillator features a full-color display with color images, a timer for CPR efforts, and a color bar gauge that shows depth of compressions. The device screen also offers touchscreen capabilities, which allows quick access to AED information and enables easy configuration without any additional external devices or software.

Integrated Pediatric Rescue – the universal design of the CPR Uni-padz® electrodes provides rescuers a single solution for both adult and pediatric sudden cardiac arrest victims. This means you can use the same set of pads on a young victim by simply activating child mode.

WiFi Connectivity – cloud connectivity allows automatic reporting of device status, ensuring optimal readiness for emergency situations. WiFi also provides the ability to quickly access and transmit cardiac arrest event data to medical professionals.

What’s Included: 1 ea. New ZOLL AED 3 defibrillator, 1 ea. Carry Case, 7-Year Warranty, User Manual,  Pads & Battery

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